“Climbing Mountains and Wading Rivers for You” | Cloud-based Educational Support Program (Session 3) of Youth Propaganda Team Western China Campaign of School of Marxism, NJU: Empowering Young Hearts, Nurturing Youth Dreams, and Fostering Patriotism


During March 2023, the third session of “Climbing Mountains and Wading Rivers for You” Cloud-based Educational Support Program—Empowering Young Hearts, Nurturing Youth Dreams, and Fostering Patriotism was launched successfully with the purpose of thoroughly learning, communicating, and implementing the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the CPC and Xi Jinping thought on youth-related work of the CPC, fostering excellent young people in the new era who are ready to have aspirations, take on responsibilities, overcome difficulties, and strive for dreams, proactively contributing to the growth and education of young students in western China, promoting the dedication of young people, and staying true to the young generation’s mission in this era. The leading instructor, Fu Xuanyu, delivered the course themed “Connect Dreams with Real Life and Pin Hopes on the Youth” to students at the First Middle School of the 4th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the First Junior Middle School of Doilungdêqên District of Lhasa. The course created a lively and constructive atmosphere to help young students stay confident in their dreams and belief, take up the baton of our times, and pursue their dreams in the new era.

  1. Dream in your heart: What is a dream?

 “What was your dream as a little kid?” Ms. Fu started her motivated interaction with the students by asking this question. She began the course about dreams following the pouring answers from the students. First, she played a clip to tell students why humans need dreams. “With dreams, the journey of life will not be directionless, and we will not forget our original aspirations since we have been trekking on a long expedition.”

First Middle School of the 4th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

First Junior Middle School of Doilungdêqên District of Lhasa

  1. Feet on the ground: Connect dreams with real life

Everyone has dreams. For some, dreams are merely fantasies; for others, their dreams become a reality. How can we turn our dreams into reality? How can we build confidence and summon the power needed to achieve our dreams? Ms. Fu revealed the answers by telling the students the story about Xu Mengtao, the Winter Olympic champion. Dreams are not delusions or fantasies. There are twists and turns, but hope is still there as long as you pursue your dreams and take action.

Never give up the dream in your heart. Have your feet on the ground. Only in this way can we be on the right track in the future. Ms. Fu then played a video depicting the Eastern Miscellany solicited contributions titled “New Year’s Dreams” in 1932. Dreams in the war-torn and turbulent times had one thing in common: People hoped that everyone could live happily in a peaceful, war-free, and compassionate environment; in the future, the country would rise in prosperity and strength. Dreams that people longed for have laid the foundation of today’s reality. These dreams have come true. From individual dreams to the Chinese Dream, unwavering efforts and endeavors are essential.

  1. Young generation with a sense of responsibility: Pin hope on the youth

 “Going forward, China will be a country that has great expectations of its younger generation,” Xi Jinping emphasized. Ms. Fu helped the students better understand Xi’s sincere hope by interpreting the Chinese Dream. She pointed out that realizing the Chinese Dream requires the dedicated efforts of Chinese people; the future and destiny of each Chinese individual are closely linked to the interests of the country and the nation. Apart from benefiting from the best of the times, we should shoulder the great responsibilities of the times.

This is an era of boundless possibilities for young Chinese individuals, providing them with vast opportunities to showcase their talents and presenting promising prospects for achieving their aspirations. Therefore, what kind of dreams should the youth cultivate? How can they align their ambitions with the development of their hometowns and country? Ms. Fu shared stories with the students about four young individuals who returned to their hometowns and made significant contributions to the local development, inspiring students to recognize their excellent qualities. Students were motivated to learn from these resilient individuals who have overcome hardships, fearlessly moved forward, and given back to their hometowns.

In the end, Ms. Fu summarized by citing the Report to the 20th National Congress of the CPC, emphasizing that it is crucial for all Party members to never forget their original aspiration and founding mission, remain modest, prudent, and hard-working, and have the courage and ability to continue fighting. She inspired students to stay true to their dreams, keep in mind the mission of young students in this era, and persist in their efforts. She firmly believed that as young Chinese individuals make constant efforts one generation after another, both the Youth Dream and the Chinese Dream will eventually come true.

A river forms from water. A tall structure is built from bricks and stones. The deepest love comes from family and country. Anyone with dreams is remarkable. The new era is created by us. In conclusion, Ms. Fu suggested all students bear in mind Xi Jinping’s expectation— “have dreams and keep the feet on the ground, dare to dream and chase the dream, and carry things through,” translating the aspiration of youth into a driving force for development in the new era. The students engaged in lively discussions and exchanged their views on this course, being eager to study more diligently and work harder towards building a more prosperous and stronger country.