Prof. Sun Yazhong and Assoc. Prof. Zhou Fangyu are hono​red upon their retirement from the School of Marxis​m


    The golden autumn arrives in September. The School of Marxism at Nanjing University held a retirement celebration in honor of Prof. Sun Yazhong and Assoc. Prof. Zhou Fangyu, on September 14, 2022, at 3:00 pm. Over 50 people, including school leaders and all faculty members, participated in the event.

First, Ding Qu, director of the Teaching and Research Department for Adapting Marxism to Chinese Context, made remarks about the teaching career of Sun and Zhou. During his nearly 40 years at NJU, Sun taught a variety of classes and was dedicated to enhancing his knowledge with theoretical study and actively engaged in academic research. He provided guidance to graduate students and attended to their personal needs. Sun was distinguished by his dedication to teaching, concern for colleagues and students, and contributions to the School of Marxism. Zhou has been a dedicated faculty member at Nanjing University for nearly three decades, consistently demonstrating conscientiousness, diligence, and commitment. Ding thought highly of Zhou’s active participation in education research and exploration of teaching methods. “She is an enthusiastic and captivating teacher. Her dedication to her students is demonstrated through her kind words and good manners. Zhou is a warm-hearted and genuine person who cared for her colleagues and actively participated in school activities,” Ding said.

Also, teacher representatives shared their memories with Prof. Sun Yazhong and Assoc. Prof. Zhou Fangyu. Shen Boping recalled Sun’s decades of career at Nanjing University and mentioned, “he is both a teacher and a helpful friend for me, supportive of my work and life.” Gan Jiguo expressed his admiration for Zhou Fangyu. “She has a passion for teaching ideological and political courses and is dedicated to her duties. Also, she is well-known for her devotion to the School, concern for colleagues, and selflessness. Furthermore, she enjoys life with various interests and hobbies while leading an elegant lifestyle. I wish her a happy retirement life.”



Wang Jianhua, the Secretary of the School of Marxism, expressed gratitude to Sun and Zhou on behalf of the School. He stated that this retirement celebration was held both to honor their 40-year career in education and to inspire other teachers, especially young ones. Wang shared a lot of details about working with Sun and Zhou. He remembered Sun’s dutifulness, care for colleagues, and commitment to students when he served as the executive deputy dean of the School of Marxism. Sun has made significant contributions to the School by helping meet pressing needs and undertaking substantial social services. Wang also noted that Zhou was highly regarded as a dedicated and hands-on director of the Teaching and Research Department. Even after stepping down from this role, she continued to actively participate in various School and departmental activities, providing invaluable support to the School. The School of Marxism at Nanjing University is thankful to them!

Hu Daping, dean of the School of Marxism at NJU, expressed his heartfelt thanks for the retirees’ devotion to the School and expected them to contribute to the School in other ways. Meanwhile, Hu presented souvenirs to the retirees and took photos with them.

At last, Sun Yazhong and Zhou Fangyu shared their reflections. They looked back on their 40-year journey at Nanjing University and expressed gratitude for the solid foundation and support provided by NJU and the School for personal growth. Even in retirement, they will continue to keep up with the School’s progress. They emphasized that even though they have retired, their love for the School will never fade. They would like to support the School in any possible way and contribute more through practical efforts. The teacher representatives who attended the meeting also expressed their admiration for the retirees and said they will miss them dearly.

Although people may age, friendship endures. This brief reunion serves as a promise of future meetings. Their retirement leaves behind a legacy of education. The celebration of the two teachers’ retirement aimed to uphold the values of teaching – dedication, treating students like children, and regarding colleagues as siblings – and to pass on the spirit embodied by NJU’s motto of “Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity”. Let’s work together to develop discipline, to cultivate talent, and to establish a pool of talented individuals at the School of Marxism. We warmly welcome both retirees to continue their contributions towards the growth of the School of Marxism. With our joint efforts, we will create an even brighter future for the School!